CUTICLE AID: 1oz-$9.00

A non-oily cream that is abundantly full of “wound healing” Aloe Vera and vitamins. Apply to tender, torn and dry cuticles to moisturize and mend. It will not lift applied nails.



ALOE STIC: $5.00 

These economical and convenient-to-carry sticks have 11% tea tree oil, vitamins A and E and jojoba oil. Great for tender cuticles, cold sores, chapped lips. It stops itching from insect bites for hours. You'll want to keep one in your medicine cabinet, car, purse, even at work.



FOOT & CALLUS RUB: 4oz- $15.00

60% aloe vera with vitamins A and E plus menthol gives a cooling and antiseptic quality that stops itching. For softening calluses and corns rub this soothing cream into the feet; feel the entire body relax. An effective treatment for odor-causing foot bacteria. It combats fungus and athlete’s foot. Rub into feet at bedtime for better rest and in the morning to keep feet from becoming tired.




ALOE BODY WASH: 16oz-$21.00 

The aloe vera enzymes slough away dead surface cells while retaining and restoring moisture. Daily use will deep clean and open pores, eliminating clogged pore bumps. This wash can be used for hair and body. Aloe Body Wash rinses clean and leaves no bathtub ring or shower grime.






This cold-processed aloe vera will soothe itching, burns, pimples, cankers, abrasions and rashes. Smooth on sunburns and hot tired feet for instant cooling. Mix with our MASK POWDER as a facial for blemished skin. It will be your favorite as a shaving gel. For "extra clean" gums and teeth, try this gel on your toothbrush daily.
Apply sparingly as an "anytime" skin freshener and after waxing twice daily to prevent ingrown hairs
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