Eyebrow Design

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Let our brow expert show you the
way to a Perfect Arch.

Art-Brow Lift:
This simple facial procedure utilizes cutting edge Microcurrent technology to provide an instant, non-invasive brow lift. The result is immediate: firming, smoothing, and rehydrating of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Non-surgical muscle re-education will help to sculpt and contour the brow area including the forehead and cheekbones.


30min - $65/*$55

                                   *loyalty program price

              Our Eyebrow Design Service includes:

      Consultation with the client

       Choosing the best suitable options for:

eyebrow shape

hair removal method

treatment plan

While considering your individual face features and life style

       Applying corrective techniques

       Performing hair removal


First visit Hair Removal (Tweeze or Wax)-$35


Each subsequent visit:

Tweeze only- $25/*$20  Wax only- $20/*$15


Brow Tint-$20/*$15

Lash Tint-$25/*$20

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Eyebrow shapes are always changing with fashion from very full to very thin brows, from straight shape to a high arch. But extremely thick or thin, short or  long eyebrows can draw too much attention to themselves and overpower  prettier features of the face. When eyebrows are well-groomed, all of the attention will focus on the beautiful eyes. If Eyebrow Design is performed efficiently , it will need to be done only one time during the initial consultation. Follow up treatments will be required in order to maintain the same beautiful eyebrows.  
Eyebrow Design is a separate service from hair removal procedure. Eyebrow Design is the process of choosing and applying an ideal brow shape based on your features to enhance your appearance. You will finally get the eyebrows you always dreamed of, rather than holding your breath to see what you will get after the "brow wax". 
 **Complimentary Consultation with Nataliya required prior to services.
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