About Nataliya

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Meet Nataliya Doughty 

Internationally Trained Skin Care &

Hair Removal Specialist


Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Massage Therapist

Professional Electrologist

25 years of experience in the

 Art of Skin Care & Hair Removal

Owner and operator of Art-Blend


Nataliya Doughty was born and raised in Izyaslav,  a very beautiful, ancient, Ukrainian town.

She obtained her nursing degree in 1985 at Kaliningrad State Medical School in Russia. After 2 years of apprenticeship she completed an Esthetician Program at the Moscow Institute of Plastic Surgery in 1988.

Nataliya practiced Medical Esthetics and Electrology at well known Plastic Surgery Clinics in Khabarovsk, Moscow, and at her own Beauty Salon “Charovnitza” in Magadan , Russia until 1999 when she immigrated to The United States. After recertification here in the United States, she completed Esthetician Training Program at Metroasis in Anchorage, Alaska.

Nataliya opened her own beauty practice in Anchorage in 1999 specializing in Permanent Hair Removal , Acne Prevention , European Facials, Skin Rejuvenation.  Her mission is to help those with unwanted skin conditions by providing best quality and latest technology treatments. Nataliya is participating in continuing education events for Electrology and Skin Care on a regular basis.  She recently obtained certification in Microcurrent, Ultrasound, Chemical Peels, Photorejuvenation, Eyelash Extentions, Eyebrow Design, Brazilian & Full Body waxing.

In spare time Nataliya likes to spend time outdoors, going hiking, biking, camping, fishing, skiing with her husband Mark Doughty and her daughters Dariya and Sofiya. She is re-learning to play her violin, and taking lessons from Elena Lukina.


Let me share my expertise with you and help you achieve your personal goals in the greatest Art of Skin Care and Hair Removal.


Contact Nataliya
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Click Here to Watch Nataliya's 1st Violin Recital on June 13, 2010
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