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Innovative European Facials

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Innovative European Facials



All  European Facials at Art-Blend include manual exfoliation,

 and our luxurious

 CASMARA Algae Peel Off Treatment


  Based in Valencia, Spain, Casmara Cosmetics manufactures a complete line of facial and body masks, with an emphasis on natural products rich in vitamins, nutrients and anioxidants. Luxurious and revitalizing, purifying and moisturizing, you will find yourself wanting for more like these Algae Peel off Masks- with unique marine extrracts that provide 10 times more nutrients than land plants.

Cinderella Basic

This Express 30 min shock session with immediate effect on the skin consist of the following three steps:

1.    Deep cleansing using Green Tea Cleanser, with silk proteins.

2.     Aplication of Ampoule:

Casmara Nature Ampoules have been created as shock treatments , with instant visible results. The ampoules are composed of natural ingredients. Each ampoule is formulated to attend a specific skin need.

3.     Aplication of a Facial Algae Peel OFF Mask:

These modelling algae-based masks form a plastic film that adapts itself perfectly to the facial muscle structure. As it solidifies, the mask acts as a vehicle to aid penetration of the active substances previously applied and its own actives. Depending on skin type and condition, the appropriate mask* will be apllied.



How Cinderella Basic Treatments act on your face:

Forehead Wrinkles:

Thanks to the active principles included in their formula they improve the elasticity of the tissues, diminishing the micro cutaneous relief, and the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Bags:

The application of the mask on the eyes produces lymphatic drainage and antiedeama effect, avoiding liquid retention, and diminishing the eyes bags.

Facial Flabbiness:

Their cold reaction (reduction of the facial temperature between 5/8 C) stimulates the muscles, giving relaxing and visible reaffirming effect.

Nose Wrinkles:

The perfect adaptability to the muscles modulates the facial contour acting specially on the expression wrinkles near nose.

Peri Orbital Wrinkles:

The ability of the masks to dry from outside to inside, enhances the penetration of the active principles on the pari orbital wrinkles.

Neck Wrinkles:

The physical effect on the muscle contractor reinforces the tissue, revitalising and reaffirming the neck skin.

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